Electric Department
Old Generator Plant
The electric system serves customers within and, to a limited extent outside the
corporate boundaries of the City. The electric system obtains its power supply
from the City's ownership interests in generating facilities and from purchases
of power from Constellation Energy . Power is distributed to customers through
a City owned distribution system.

Transmission Voltage: 161,000 (KV Rating)
Distribution Voltage: 13,800 (KV Rating)

A recent survey indicated that commercial electrical rates in Osceola were the
second lowest in a five-state region. Additionally, infrastructure needs and
phased-in discounts for new industries are provided based on prospects' level
of new job creation in the community.
Billy Griffin
Electrical Manager
Osceola Municipal Light & Power
303 West Hale
Osceola, AR 72370
870-563-5245 Ext.22
Fax: 870-563-5195
James E. Baker
Electrical Superintendent
Osceola Municipal Light & Power
101 East Semmes Ave.
Osceola, AR 72370
Fax: 870-563-8183
Philip L. Adcock Jr.
Assistant Electrical Superintendent /     
Line Foreman
Osceola Municipal Light & Power
101 East Semmes Ave.
Osceola, AR 72370
Fax: 870-563-8183
The Osceola Electric Line Crew consists of 6 men.
Steve Stallings - Lineman
Eugene Chew - Lineman
Justin Mitchell - Lineman
Karis Littleton - Apprentice Lineman
Michael Webb - Apprentice Lineman
Charles Moore - Groundsman
Their job is to install and maintain the electrical system.  There are always two men on
call year round.

The maintenance and generation crew consists of 2 men.
Dennis Slaughter
Troy Thomas
Their job is to maintain all department vehicles and equipment. They also run and
maintain the electrical generator for emergencies.

The Meter readers are
Tonia Bryant
Luther Collins
Each meter readers job is to read three different cycles at three different times of the
month. All cycles equal about 5,500 meters. They read both water and electric meters.

There is only one serviceman.
Terry Watkins
His job is to connect, disconnect, and transfer meter service.